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Building a Community: Establishing the first non-profit German International School in Manhattan
Core Values

The German International School of New York City will have an emphasis on arts, sciences and music, as well as community building, environmental awareness, responsible world citizenship, tolerance of diversity, and educational excellence. Students will be taught to value the continued pursuit of learning and the importance of contributing to the world around them.

Educational Philosophy

The German International School of New York City has the highest expectations of its faculty and students. It aims to provide an atmosphere that fosters the self-actualization of each student in an atmosphere that is consistently warm, creative and inspiring while at the same time, intellectually challenging.


​Mission Statement​



The German International School of New York City will be the first of its kind, non-profit, trilingual (German/English/Spanish) preschool and elementary school (K-5), located in Manhattan, which teaches classes according to international as well as American curriculum and standards. Its purpose is to provide families from all backgrounds living in the New York City area a place where their children can receive an excellent level of education with the featured languages of German and Spanish, while at the same time developing mastery of their own native languages and a deeper understanding of their own culture and international backgrounds.



Vision Statement

Over the next 5 years, the German International School of New York City intends to grow into an internationally-acclaimed K-12 school offering not only the New York State High School Diploma, but the German “Abitur” and other international diplomas as well.


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